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By 2025, we will be a leading company in consultancy, production and marketing of the derivative of sugar cane and coffee by the research and development in such a way that we ensure the total satisfaction of our national and international clients.


We are a colombian company international, which advises, designs, manufactures and markets derived from sugar cane, coffee and cocoa, delivering comprehensive solutions to the needs of our customers, constantly innovating our technology and product development to provide quality and service, through management of effective leadership, efficient and cost-effective under the fear of God, based on principles and absolute values, with team work, quality and fair prices, thus contributing to the development of the country, generating social well-being, balance and environmental health.


✓ Made up of a select group of professional and technical staff, willing to research and develop the various projects that contribute to the development of the nation.
✓ Our goal is to offer the customer the satisfaction of seeing accomplished their projects based on quality and compliance.
✓ Our principles are based on respect, honesty and responsibility.
✓We offer research and advice needed to provide well-being and solution to your needs.
✓We are a leading company with national and international presence by developing innovative products and solutions of high quality.


In Cidecolombia we base our business model on developing of a comprehensive manner the business of our clients, accompanying them in the agro-industrial processes of implementation and improvement of technology, management of their organizations and in the business processes, to gain by improving their quality of life, cost-effectiveness and the horizon of market their products and customers.


We are interested in the well-being and the sustainable development of our customers by ensuring the production of quality (environment-friendly), sales of its products at fair prices by adding to our ecosystem of suppliers and customers.


We have certifications of quality and certification of organic food making to offer products of the best quality

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