22 Jun 2021
Servicio de Maquila Cidecolombis Productos Paneleros Agroindustria Café, Panela, Chocolate

Maquila Service – What is maquila?

Maquila Service – What is Maquila? Service Maquila – What is the contract manufacturing for your company?   We elaborate the product for you, we make the maquila of your products. We are experts in Maquila for your company. But if you don’t know what Maquila is, here we teach you.   What is Subcontracting? or What is Maquilar? The definition or concept of product assembly can refer in clear words to, making your own product […]

22 Jun 2021

Learn What is Panela? and What are its Benefits

Learn What is Panela? and What are its Benefits Do their recipes healthy products Sugar cane, molasses, and Cane | Properties of sugar cane For the Skin – Piloncillo Properties| What is the Panela?, Why molasses?, What is Piloncillo? Sweet Tied the Savior, these and many other questions are the ones that make the people normally do not have the latest information about this great derived from sugar cane.   What is the Panela? Panela  […]

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