Maquila Service - What is Maquila?

Service Maquila – What is the contract manufacturing for your company🏭?


We elaborate the product for you, we make the maquila of your products. We are experts in Maquila for your company. But if you don’t know what Maquila is, here we teach you.


What is Subcontracting? or What is Maquilar?

The definition or concept of product assembly can refer in clear words to, making your own product by selling it to another company with your corporate image or your own product design. Having as main objective to reduce costs and deliver competitive advantages.

Maquila - ¿Qué es Maquila? | CIDECOLOMBIA - Profesionales en la maquila de productos alimenticios

A company needs to increase its profitability by overcoming the challenges that may arise when organizing its logistics and distribution.

Flexibility, reliability, storage, assembly and infrastructure and others. These aspects must necessarily be optimized in order to add value to the service. This directly influences the success of a company.


Aspect Optimization

We need to optimize aspects such as assembly, infrastructure, reliability, flexibility, storage, among others, in order to give more value to our service, which ultimately directly influences the success of our company.

Maquila refers to that productive activity of a company that is sent to a different company to be carried out. This means that it is a production “on behalf of others”.


The word maquila comes from the Arabic word makila which means “measure”. The origin of Maquilar is found in the peasants’ custom of grinding corn in the mill of the hacienda (Udlap Mexico, 2012).


Maquila is currently a very good option for a producer to have its own branded products manufactured by a third party. In the maquila, a third party is delegated to manufacture the products that the contracting party cannot or does not wish to manufacture, under the specifications and characteristics that he imposes, to later only commercialize them.


We become a productive extension of your company through our maquila service, where we generate employment opportunities for people …..


The term “maquila” has come into widespread use in Latin America, as well as in some parts of Asia. It is used to describe similar arrangements, although the countries involved may be other than just the United States and Mexico. The city of Tijuana – Mexico is famous for this type of manufacturing, and many choose it because of its numerous advantages over common manufacturing. In Mexico, machining is important to business people.

Which products require maquila?

The companies have product development processes, as well as a customer base that represents the demand for these goods.


There are products that need maquila in their packaging and assembly stage. Although there are many possibilities, these are some of the items that require toll manufacturing:
  1. 1. Coffee
  2. 2. Chocolate

For this reason, those who provide maquila services for this industry, in order to optimize their processes, must have the infrastructure, quality controls and specialized technical personnel to do so.


Having maquila services in logistics is not a whim of the companies, but a necessity. Aware of this reality, CIDECOLOMBIA offers this type of services for the mentioned products. With a professional team with extensive experience in the field, integrating technological innovation and first class infrastructure for your company to increase its productivity and business value.



Maquila also has implications for the shipping industry to the extent that it offers complementary and supplementary services.

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