Panela and derivatives

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We commercialize inverted cane honey, panela in all its presentations, panela in block, pulverized panela, panel in cubes, panel in sachet, flavored panela, tea of panela, energy drinks with panela, energetic bars of panela quality Export Request your Quote

The Panela is the sugar cane juice that, by successive boils, loses moisture and concentrates to form a soft and ductile mass that when cooled is solidified in blocks. To purify the fresh juice of the cane is left to decant.

The elaboration of the panela is artisanal and is free of all the chemical additives that are used in the manufacture of the sugar, which, when being subjected to the sulfate, discoloration and filtration, loses the molasses, and with it all the mineral salts, amino acids and Vitamins that are present in the juice of the cane and in the Panela.

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